Bioproton Europe Oy Elevates Quality Standards and Adopts GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance Certification

Bioproton Europe Oy is proud to announce its adoption of the esteemed GMP+ quality assurance system. Bioproton Europe has continuously implemented robust quality systems to ensure the integrity of its products. The transition to the GMP+ certification represents a strategic move underlining Bioproton Europe's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety throughout its operations.


GMP+ certification is widely recognized and respected in the industry as a comprehensive and rigorous quality assurance system for animal feed and food safety. The decision to transition to the GMP+ certification stems from Bioproton Europe's commitment to continual improvement and aligning with industry best practices. By adopting the GMP+ standards, Bioproton Europe aims to further strengthen its product quality, reinforce customer trust, and ensure compliance with international regulations and guidelines.


"We are proud to announce our transition to the GMP+ quality assurance system," stated Dr. Tuuli Koivunen, who has been recently appointed to the role of Quality Manager at Bioproton Europe. "This transition highlights our commitment to delivering products that meet the highest standards of quality and safety as well as solidifies our position as a trusted supplier.”


Bioproton Europe Oy's transition to the GMP+ certification underscores its dedication to delivering superior quality products as a reliable partner. Customers and stakeholders can be assured that Bioproton Europe will continue to prioritize quality, safety, and compliance across all aspects of its operations.


To learn more about Bioproton Europe's GMP+ certification please visit GMP+ page of certified companies