Adequate energy is crucial for animals to reach their maximum production potential. However, the bioavailability of lipids can be a challenge, especially for young animals. Natufactant 500 improves the absorption of energy from fats and oils in the diet, leading to better overall health and performance.


Natufactant 500 works by enhancing the emulsification and fat hydrolysis process, resulting in improved energy absorption from fats and oils. This allows for a reduction in the usage of expensive oil ingredients, such as SBM oil, tallow, sunflower oil, and palm oil, by up to 1-1.2% while maintaining the same level of performance.

Natufactant 500 decreases micelle size, improving feed efficiency and uniformity. This leads to more consistent growth rates and better overall health in animals. Using Natufactant 500 also reduces the effects of heat stress, helping animals maintain their energy levels even in hot conditions.

Furthermore, Natufactant 500 increases the absorption of linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that is important for the overall health of animals. By increasing the bioavailability of this nutrient, animals are able to better utilize it for growth and other vital functions.

Natufactant can help improve the performance and overall health of animals. Contact us today to learn more about how Natufactant 500 can benefit your operation.

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