To meet the high expectations of our customers Bioproton products are manufactured consistently under adequate supervision and with effective quality control and feed safety procedures.

Bioproton guarantees that all its products are controlled and certified using stringent feed additive standards. To ensure the highest quality assurance, Bioproton has the following:

  • GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance Certificate
  • GMP - Good Manufactufing Practise
  • HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points
  • Registered Operator in the EU Feed Manufacturer Registry controlled by the Finnish Food Authority
  • FDA certification for production facilities



Bioproton has a strong focus on R&D to further improve our feed additive portfolio. Through a number of collaborative research projects, Bioproton continuously advances its knowledge on the application and development of feed additives. Bioproton has conducted research with numerous scientific institutions around the globe.

Bioproton Europe Oy is cooperating with Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE) and Turku University in development and research. Natural Resources Institute Finland promotes bioeconomy and sustainable use of natural resources.

Bioproton provides internship and thesis opportunities for university graduates and undergraduates.


Bioproton develops feed additive’s application and development through collaboration with world-class research institutes around the world:

  • LUKE Natural Resources Institute Finland, Finland
  • Turku University, Finland
  • Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland
  • Queensland University of Technology, Australia
  • University of Queensland, Australia

Photo: LUKE / Gabriel Da Silva